How to Save at Home? We Have Tips for You!

Shine gently at home. Get light bulbs or ideally LED bulbs in rooms where you have a long daylight and daylight. In the bathroom and in the bathroom you will do just plain. One LED bulb costs about 250 CZK, but its lighting will cost you about 2 000 CZK less than a conventional bulb.

Do not overheat at home. Who wouldn’t want to heat up to 25 ° C in the winter? But if you want to save, heat smartly. You will be comfortable even at 22 ° C. The three-stage difference looks insignificant, but you can save thousands of crowns a year on heating. A clever way to keep an eye on the temperature is a thermostat .

Water is relatively cheap, but only the cold. Even if you like to bathe in a full bath of hot water, indulge in such pleasure only occasionally . The bathtub is filled with 150 liters of hot water and it costs something. All the more so if you heat the water at home with a boiler.


Do not spend unnecessarily on food

Do not spend unnecessarily on food

Did you know that food costs an average Czech 20% payout every month? And hand on your heart, if you counted all the coffee, energy drinks and treats that you consume in a month, what would the resulting amount be? Probably four-figure. Only coffee for 40 crowns on weekdays costs CZK 800 per month ! And it’s not better with food.

Therefore, you should deny at least part of your food vices. You better go to the market over the weekend and buy fruits and vegetables from farmers . You will help them to earn while saving. In addition, you can cook delicious vitamins at home.


Don’t waste

save money

Do you enjoy cooking? It is well. But did you know that a pot lid can save up to 30% energy ? So think about it the next time you prepare the broth.

The induction hob also saves you money when cooking. But if you do not already have it at home, prepare for an investment of about 10 000 CZK. However, this is advantageous in the long run. Most induction plates are now in energy class A +++ .

If you have an electric hob at home, get thick-bottomed pots . They accumulate heat from the board and can heat up long after you turn off the hotplate. Maybe you cook rice with huge energy savings.


Wash gently

Wash gently

Normally dirty laundry can be washed with peace of mind at only 30 ° C. On the one hand, it benefits the durability of fabrics and, on the other hand, you save on water heating. Similarly, it is not necessary to set the maximum speed when spinning. The vast majority of garments are sufficiently squeezed at 600 revolutions .


Travel together

Travel together

Petrol or diesel can suck thousands out of your bill per month. If you drive often, try to talk to someone and travel together . You will divide the fuel costs. This saves not only money but also nerves. Because if most of us do that, the roads will be empty and traffic will be smoother.

If you do not have a car and use public transport, invest in longer term tickets . You pay more once, but you save hundreds to thousands of crowns a year.


Do not exceed the specified limit

Do not exceed the specified limit

Do you have a problem paying off or would you like to save some extra crown? Try honestly writing down the month for what and how much you spend . At the end of the month, split your spend into groups. Leave the necessary expenses aside and concentrate on the rest.

You’ll be surprised at everything on your monthly spend list. Sticks on a gas station, coffee on the way to the city and Friday, in addition to beer, and some more expensive shot … Do you know that? This is exactly where you can save money. But beware! No one claims to live as an ascetic monk. Just set fixed boundaries that you will not cross . Do not take too much money into the pub and be sure to leave the card at home on the table.


Shop smart

Shop smart

Rule number one : Don’t buy useless things you don’t need. Yes, it is very nice that just in the supermarket cheaper only 55 CZK, but that is no reason to buy it when you have a full fridge at home.

Second : Don’t buy more than you need. Sure, there may come an unexpected visit, for which it is useful to have sticks, nuts or something small to drink, but it is not necessary to buy a bass of beers and half a kilo of ham.

Third : Think about what you’re buying. Manufacturers are competing in the genius of packaging with glowing percentages. But far more important is composition and weight. For most fresh packaged foods, you will find a price per kilogram to tell you what is more beneficial.

Fourth , do not buy everything in one place. Try to look into small shops and find less known products of comparable or higher quality at a reasonable price. With a little search you will certainly succeed.


Motivate yourself with the investigation

motivate to earn money

Do you think it makes no sense to save because you don’t need to buy anything big now? It is a mistake. We would not like to call for a disaster, but things can happen. In any case, you can set a fictitious thing to save on. This will help you save money at the end of the month. And if you have the urge to spend it, transfer it to a savings account .

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