Although these are small sums, it is usually very difficult to borrow money if there are debts with Good Finance. It doesn’t have to be impossible to find an SMS loan even if there are debts, but it is not common for lenders to lend in these cases.

One warning that we also want to send out is that it has to be very careful about borrowing money if there is a debt balance.

Should one really borrow?


If you look at alternatives to possibly borrow from at first, it is the lenders who lend to people with payment remarks that can be an opportunity. Then there is no saying that these will approve a loan application just because they do not automatically refuse.

A credit check will be carried out and it is the answer to this that determines whether it is possible to borrow or not. And of course, in the grade given here, this debt to Good Finance will have a negative impact. It is common for them to have rules that say it may be okay to borrow money if there are remarks as long as there is no debt balance at Good Finance.

The general answer to this question is probably no


This is because you already have a debt that you have to repay and then it is important to do everything to settle this debt first. A new SMS loan will then only increase the debt to be repaid and since it is the question of a loan that costs quite a lot of money in relation to the size, it is usually not worth it.

It may be one thing to take a larger private loan to settle other debts, as this may very well be cheaper per month. But SMS loans are not good at all, but this type of loan should only be obtained if you know you have money coming in to pay off.

The best thing is to do everything you can to get rid of the debt at Good Finance and then get the economy back in order. Usually, there are many different ways to go to get some more money or cut costs. Once this is a fact, you can start thinking about borrowing money again if the economy allows it.